Welcome to Ohio University!

We are so glad you chose to come here and join the thriving Jewish community at OU.

Here is some info to get you started!

How many Jewish students are there in OU?

It fluctuates yearly, and averages about 300 Jewish students. BUT, the Jewish community is extremely close here, in a way even more than a college with way larger numbers.

Is there Jewish Greek Life?

There is a Jewish fraternity - AEPi.
There is no Jewish sorority, however there are some sororities with larger groups of Jewish students. Contact us to find out more because it changes often.

Is there any Antisemitism in Athens?


You will not experience antisemitism or anti Israel activity in OU. Be aware though, that many students here come from rural Ohio where chances are you will be the first Jewish person they meet. So they may not be aware about certain sensitivities. Be prepared to answer lots of questions!

Do I have to go home for the holidays?

Jewish holidays are always better with family. But should you choose to stay in Athens, we have beautiful celebrations right here in Chabad! Check out our holiday page for more info.

Is there a kosher meal plan?

Not yet, but plans are definitely in the works. We do offer kosher meals for Passover.

Where can I see what's happening at OU Chabad?!

You're not following us on Instagram yet? What are you waiting for?? @Jewish_bobcats

OU Birthright trip?

Yes of course!

OK you convinced me. Is there like a form or something to fill out?

Glad you asked. Click here.